Transition to a Plant-based Diet

Encouragement and Guide


I have often been asked for help in transitioning into veganism. For me it was a natural evolution since I was a vegetarian for about 10 years before I  transitioned to a plant base diet. It still took some adjusting on my part, I tried and failed several times before it stuck.

The final push came when I bought a vegan warrior shirt. It may sound silly but buying that shirt made me commit to being vegan. I’m not suggesting that you need to buy a  shirt  it was just something that made everything click.

I don’t believe in an all or nothing approach, although I used to in my younger years. I think that if a plant-based diet is new to you and you suddenly choose to make an exception, all is not lost, just review your why and see if it is still valid then decide to recommit or quit.

Everything in life is a process, changing your diet is no different. I do however believe that being vegan is very beneficial so its worth the effort it takes to eat a plant-based diet.


My goal is to help your transition be as easy as possible. I created a one week plant-based diet guide to help you get your feet wet. 

Transition to Plant-Based Diet Guide 




Prolonged Fasting

Rejuvenation and Healing

I have tried all sorts of different detoxes and spent a lot of money on them. I did juice cleanse, soup cleanse, 14 day weird supplement cleanse and other ones I can’t recall; all in my quest to feel healthy but it wasn’t until I did a prolonged water fast that I got the results I wanted.                                                                    I want you to feel as good as I did so I created a mini guide with some tips and resources for doing a prolonged water fast. And you want to know the best thing, you don’t need to buy any kits. It’s free =)