Welcome to Tastee Vegan! My name is Liza Lopez and I will be your host 😉

My love for food began when I was little and I helped my mom bake and cook. Any school fundraiser and the like was an excuse to bake. I love the magic of the kitchen, and nothing fascinates or pleases me more than mixing ingredients to create healthy and delicious meals.

When I became vegan, after many years of attempting to do so, I thought that it would restrict my cooking. Instead, it made it grow. I had to be more creative than I had been before, vegan meals require a more imaginative touch.

After attending the Natural Gourmet Cooking School, I started Tastee Vegan in 2007 as the only strictly vegan catering company in New York City. And I was blessed to catered many amazing events for wonderful people before my health became an issue.

Although my body forced me to stop catering, my love of food and cooking led me to transform Tastee Vegan into a place focused on healthy food and wellness. My hope is to challenge the norm by creating innovative, healthy yet approachable food while making the world a happier place.

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