21 Day Fix Vegan (Plant-based) Version

Can you believe we are already half way through October. Today I did the math and I only 42 days until my awesome Caribbean cruise vacation. Everything is ready- my bag is packed yup, my itinerary is set, grandma (my mom) is going take care of my fur munchkins- except I’m out of shape =\

Since I need to get bikini ready fast, I’m doing Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix vegan version. It is a program for beginners which has food guide and exercise videos, exactly what I need. After seeing the before and after picture of people I feel confident that it will work.

But my determination usually dwindles as time goes by so in order to keep myself accountable, I plan on blogging about it. I’ll share my meals, my meal prepping, my post exercise glow, and any tips I have.

GOALS: to get in bikini shape and get back on track with exercising daily.

Here is my food plan for the upcoming week




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