About Us

We are a vegan catering company serving New York City and the surrounding region. We care about animals, people, and the environment.

Tastee Vegan began in 2007 as the only strictly vegan catering company in New York City. It was created to provide people with an alternative to unimaginative food and to make a positive change in the world.

We hope to always challenge the norm by creating innovative yet approachable food. It delights us to no end when clients tell us how their non-vegan family members or colleagues loved our food and are considering incorporating more fruits and vegetables into their diets.

Our philosophy is that everyone has the power to make the world a happier, more humane place.

Everyone who has tried our food has loved it. A Lotus Grows in Brooklyn commented, “The flavors were drawn from a world of cuisines and all were rich and satisfying.”

The Chef

Since I was little, I helped my mom bake and cook. Any school fundraiser and the like was an excuse to bake. I love the magic of the kitchen, and nothing fascinates or pleases me more than mixing ingredients to create healthy and delicious meals.

When I became vegan, after many years of attempting to do so, I thought that it would restrict my cooking. Instead, it has made it grow. I had to be more creative than I had been before. Taking a piece of meat, seasoning it, and applying heat is easy. Vegan meals require a more imaginative touch.

After college, I decided to give the cooking world a go. I enrolled in the Natural Gourmet cooking school where I learned the basics. I then did an internship at Candle 79, a vegan restaurant here in New York City.

After attending several events where the only food for vegetarians and vegans was steamed vegetables, I saw a need that had to be met. I started a vegan catering company, Tastee Vegan. Since then, we have catered events for corporations, institutions, and all sorts of wonderful people. We have also donated our catering services to various non-profit groups.

I hope Tastee Vegan can actually make a difference. I want it to be more than just an animal, earth, and people friendly company. I want to use it to help the world. It is my goal to start a sanctuary for animals and people.


We donate to various fundraisers and now hope to host fundraisers of our own to help non-profits keep making a difference in the world. We plan on hosting monthly events that will raise funds for organizations that need financial support. If you are one of those organizations please email us with your information.